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May 26, 2019

Hello and welcome to the devlog! This is the first of many devlogs so I’ll try to first explain what progress I’ve made to catch up to the current time, then I’ll talk about what’s next in line for development.

-1 to Now

I’ve tried starting this game probably 4 times over the last 3 or so years and never really got it off the ground, mainly because of being completely swamped in college courses. After graduating last May, I started work on this game concept yet again. Development slowed down a few months later due to getting my first full-time job. Once I got situated in my new job I finally was able to carve out some consistent time to really get this game underway.

I would say I’ve had weekly progress for the last few months and try to work on the game whenever I have the free time (I currently have 2 jobs, a wife, and friends I like to play games with weekly so free time is at a premium).

Current Game Progress

Game mechanics are what I have been focusing on mainly since I’m not entirely sure what genre of game I’m going to be making.


Attacking is of course one of the key component of this game. The player will have 2 attack types, one being the main-hand (whichever hand that is holding the wand) and the other being the off-hand (empty hand). The wand acts as an amplifier and is used to make more accurate shots.

With the main-hand, you have a standard attack (left-click) and a charged attack (holding down left-click). With the off-hand (right-click), it’ll be more of a non-directed defensive attack (like a shield or some kind of AOE attack).


In addition to regular movement, like walking running and jumping, I’ve also implemented wall running and wall jumping (though it’s a pretty crude setup currently).

Next Steps

The first couple of things that I want to work on is a bug that is causing the game to crash randomly after using the Ice Shield after a while and to finish up the wall running/jumping mechanics.

The next big parts of the game that I’ll be tackling next is basic enemy AI and setting up the game to be used with Steam multiplayer servers.

Finally, I also need to figure out what type or genre of game this is going to be.

Anyways, that pretty much catches everything up to the present time, stay tuned for future updates on the game!


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