Welcome to Technomancy! This is a passion project indie game that I've been trying to get going for a handful of years now. The general background on the this game is based on the idea that technology has become so advanced that it is now indistinguishable from magic.

The game is currently being developed in Unreal Engine 4, by only me... when I have the free time to work on it. Technomancy is in the very early stages of development (like so early, think earlier than all the shitty early access games on Steam) and the short term goal as of now is to get the game to a working beta and on the Steam store.

The type of game this is going to be some what of a post-dystopian/post-apocalyptic environment where some catastrophic event with technology has reverted civilization back to medieval times. Our Character, by somehow obtaining the technology long forgotten, is now seen as a magical wizard of sorts. Along with quests and a main story, I plan on also adding group PvM and PvP.

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The latest version of the game will always be available by the link below (at least until I can get the game onto steam and can start squeezing money out of people :] ). I will try to keep the changelog up to date and maybe set up a newsletter email in future so you can keep testing out the latest features on the game.

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